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Cathryn Shilling is a glass artist, living and working in London. After graduating in Graphic Design from Central School of Art and Design in London, Cathryn worked as a Designer until her family’s move to the USA in 2001 prompted her to pursue a new and exciting creative direction. She studied the art and craft of Stained Glass in Connecticut and then on her return to London in 2004 Cathryn began studying and working with kiln formed glass as well as becoming a student of blown glass at Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing Studio. In 2009 she began her professional practice in a studio near her home in London. Cathryn was London Glassblowing Gallery's curator from 2010 - 2019.

Cathryn is a member of the Art Workers Guild and a Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Cathryn’s work has been collected and widely exhibited internationally including: Aesthetica International Art Prize, York Gallery, York; Op Art Glass at the Imagine Museum, St Petersberg, Florida; From Many, One, Culture Object, New York; Ireland Glass Biennale 2019 at Dublin Castle; The 3rd Session of China·Hejian Craft Glass Design & Creation Exhibition and Competition, Ming Shangde Glass Museum, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China 2019; TACTILE at Glazenhuis, Lommel, Belgium, New Aquisitions 2017 at Glasmuseum Lette, Coesfield, Germany, Peter Bremers & Cathryn Shilling: A Two Person Exhibition at Schiepers Gallery in Belgium, The CGS Jubileum 20th Anniversary Exhibition at Etienne Gallery, Oisterwijk, Netherlands, The Taos Art Glass Invitational New Mexico, USA; BODYTALK at the Glasmuseet, Ebletoft, Denmark; COLLECT at Somerset House with Vessel Gallery and the Saatchi Gallery with London Glassblowing and Vessel Gallery; East-West Artists Exhibitions in Kyoto, Japan and London; Hot Glass at Contemporary Applied Arts, London; Collective Genius at Vessel Gallery, London. She has exhibited at the British Glass Biennale in 2010, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019 and in 2017 her collaboration with Anthony Scala won the Craft & Design Award. She has twice exhibited as a finalist in the Emerge Juried Kiln-glass Exhibition at Bullseye Projects, Portland, Oregon, USA. In 2013 Cathryn won the international Warm Glass Artists Prize and has twice been nominated for the SUWA Garasuno-Sato Glass Prize and several times for the Arts & Crafts Design Award. In 2015 she was number 4 in the Glassation list of ‘The Most Game Changing Female Glass Artists’ and number 25 in the Graphic Design Hub’s list of ‘The 30 Most Amazing Glass Artists Alive Today’. Cathryn’s work was represented in New Glass Review 33.

During 2018 Cathryn was Artist in Residence at North Lands Creative, Lybster, Scotland.

In 2019 Cathryn had a solo show to commemorate her ten years of professional practice, Hidden Gestures, at Vessel Gallery, London.

In 2020 Cathryn participated in The Glass Art Society Virtual Conference with a taster of the demo Wrap Up Warm! - An Innovative Approach To Combining Kiln Formed And Blown Glass, with glassblower Louis Thompson.

Wrap Up Warm! A film about the work of Cathryn Shilling https://youtu.be/zUkNc9mzYR8

Cathryn's work can also be seen at:



The Gallery at London Glassblowing

Vessel Gallery

In 2021 Cathryn was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize with her piece 'Metamorphosis'.  

MetamorphosisMetamorphosis Kiln formed glass with 24 carat gold 37cm high x 44cm wide x 14cm deep Human interaction, interplay and movement are at the core of this work, derived from reality, performance and the infinite nuisances between those two states. Often the face we show to the outside world is a mask but the language of the body is very difficult thing to regulate and our true nature is often revealed. For this work I used thick, clear glass canes, pushing the material beyond its accepted technical parameters in order to explore the relationship between fabric and the human form and how it reflects our moods and emotional situation. Photo Ester Segarra